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Elvis What Happened? PDF

Elvis: What Happened? is a 1977 tell-all memoir about the personal life of American singer Elvis Presley. The book, which is based on the personal accounts of three of Elvis' former bodyguards, went into detail on the singer's dangerous drug abuse. His death, only two weeks after the book's publication in July 1977, made it highly topical and helped boost its sales to over three million.

The bodyguards – Red West, his cousin Sonny West, and David Hebler – had been fired purportedly for cost-saving reasons, though many suspected it was because they had been heavily critical of Elvis’ increasing dependence upon various drugs. With help from reporter Steve Dunleavy, they produced the book which they claimed to be a friendly warning, rather than a money-making exercise. Since the singer's death, most of its claims have proven accurate.