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Ace Utilities is an award-winning collection of tools to optimize and clean your PC. With over a dozen system maintenance tools, Ace Utilities lets you run your PC smoothly and error-free.

Remove Junk Files
Regain disk space by removing unneeded files.
Built-in steps ensure safer cleaning process.
Cleans temporary files from all user accounts.

Find Duplicate Files
Helps you locate true duplicates of your files and folders.
You can search based on file type, category or size range.
Built-in support to check for duplicate music/video files.

Disk Analysis
Gives you detailed analysis of your disk or drive contents.
Graphical pie chart representation; easy to understand.
Shows space usage by files and folders; lists the top 100 files by size.

Fix Invalid Shortcuts
Delete invalid shortcuts in your Start Menu, Desktop, removable media or the whole drive.
Can fix shortcuts that are broken.

Make your PC stable and faster
Registry Cleaner
Remove invalid entries from Windows registry.
Windows boots up quickly.
Reduces application crashes.
Can easily reverse changes made to the registry.

Auto-start Manager
Easily manage programs and services that start with Windows.
Alerts you when a previously disabled program gets enabled.
Your PC will boot up faster and use fewer resources.
Prevent malicious programs from running at start-up.

Download Ace Utilities + KeyGen-OnLyOnE | 6.9 MB